Six Degrees of Integration Lucinda OHair


Published: March 2013

Kindle Edition

214 pages


Six Degrees of Integration  by  Lucinda OHair

Six Degrees of Integration by Lucinda OHair
March 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 214 pages | ISBN: | 7.35 Mb

Beneath the university’s stuffy veneer lies a saucy pool of lies, lust, fraud and revenge.Annabelle Moynihan is at the heart of this world: a reluctant law lecturer who elicits an affair with her student. In spite of her precautions, her attempt at a no-strings-attached spawns multiple strings.Through Annabelle, we meet the other members of the law school clique: Bill Moynihan, her philandering husband and Leader of the Opposition- Melanie Horowitz, zealous student politician and victim of a brutal rape- Blake Henry, drugged-up jock with a burgeoning social conscience- Chapman Harris, son of the former Premier, a dashing would-be doctor- and John Wheeler, the man with no soul who sets out to expunge the remains of his secret past.As the deceptions grow deeper, we see Annabelle’s life increasingly entwine with those of the ones around her.

When a whisper can cause a scandal, when a rumour can end a career, we see Annabelle’s rash decision not only upsets the delicate balance, but threatens to bring their world to its knees.

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