From the Tales of the Brothers Grimm (Erstwhile #1) Gina Biggs

ISBN: 9780985619503

Published: 2012


160 pages


From the Tales of the Brothers Grimm (Erstwhile #1)  by  Gina Biggs

From the Tales of the Brothers Grimm (Erstwhile #1) by Gina Biggs
2012 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 160 pages | ISBN: 9780985619503 | 10.76 Mb

Snow White. Hansel and Gretel. Beauty and the Beast. These are the fairy tales we all grow up hearing at our bedside. For better or for worse, they are often what shape our opinions about good, evil, family, love, masculinity, femininity, and justice. But other fairy tales exist that may be less known, but are no less valid. Erstwhile collects eights of these classic tales and retells them in graphic novel format.I found out about the webcomic Erstwhile through its primary creator Gina Biggs (best known for the webcomic Red String). As someone grew up loving fairy tales and has formed a new appreciation for then as an adult, I really enjoyed getting to experience old favorites and discover new tales.

Volume One of Erstwhile collects these tales in a handsome hardback volume. Although all of the stories are written by Biggs, the artwork is divided up between three women: Gina Biggs, Louisa Roy, and Elle Skinner, who each bring their own unique style. The collection contains three longer tales and five shorter ones. Ranging in tone from light and humorous to rather dark and serious (sometimes in the same story), Erstwhile features story of romance, adventure and loss.One thing I really enjoy about Erstwhile tales is the fact that Biggss seems to have made an effort to select stories with more active heroines, as opposed to passive girls that simply need to be rescued by their princes.

This can especially be seen in Maid Maleen, and The Farmers Clever Daughter. As far as the artwork goes, its mostly solid although stronger in some stories then others. My favorite stories of the longer tales would be All Furs (illustrated by Elle Skinner). For the shorter stories, I really enjoy The Old Man and His Grandson (art by Louisa Roy), and The Bird, The Mouse and the Sausage (art by Elle Skinner). Of course, Gina Biggss writing is solid throughout the entire collection.Final Thoughts: If youre a fan of lesser known Grimm Fairy Tales, or would like to experience these stories for the fist time, I highly recommend giving Erstwhile a try, either by picking up this volume, or reading them online at for free.

Four and a half Stars

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