The Good Soldier Ford Madox Ford


Published: 1951


256 pages


The Good Soldier  by  Ford Madox Ford

The Good Soldier by Ford Madox Ford
1951 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 256 pages | ISBN: | 9.11 Mb

What? You mean this novel isnt about war? Is it possible to hate a book and love it at the same time? This is one of those books where it immediately becomes obvious you arent going to read this novel for the strict pleasure of it. This book aint ice cream on the beach folks. I dont think Ive run across a more amoral, unsympathetic cast of characters since I visited Kehlsteinhaus. But, Ford Madox Ford is absolutely brilliant at portraying the decay, the depravity and the hypocrisy that existed in early 20th century English and American aristocracy.

What a bunch of absolute rat bastards they all were. Nobody is happy. Nobody is true. Everybody gets eventually exactly what they deserve.This novel probably the most sexless novel containing the subtitle: A Tale of Passion. It is as sexy as a festering cavity and as passionate as an obsessive and unreliable group of narcissists can be.

Two of my favorite writers were either heavily influenced by Ford (Graham Greene) or collaborated heavily with Ford (Joseph Conrad). This isnt a novel you can really ever love, but you will carry this novel with you and days and weeks later you still wont be able to escape its funky grasp. And THAT really is something.___________________- Robert Farwell / Edward Jones library / Mesa, AZ 2012

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